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Physician Assistants in Rhode Island are governed by many rules and regulations.

It is your responsibility (just like driving) to know and understand all those that pertain to your area of practice.

To make things more complicated here how it looks:

Rhode Island has Laws that dictate what PAs can do.

RI General Laws 5-54


The Department of Health has formed regulations based on these laws.

RI Dept of Health PA Regulations


Your employer needs to set rules and policies regarding your scope of practice.  In a hospital this will fall under the Medical Staff office which with your department heads and supervising physicians will determine your scope of practice.  If you are in a small private practice this can be laid out in a Practice Agreement.


Third Party Payers may have their own rules and regulations about what PAs can bill for or who they can treat and when.

AAPA Info on Third Party Reimbursement

Malpractice Insurance Carriers also have their own set of rules as to what your scope of practice is based on your Practice Agreement.

Professionally, there is also the Hippocratic Oath and PA Code of Ethics that help point our professional compass in the right direction.

Hippocratic Oath

AAPA Code of Conduct

NCCPA Code of Conduct

Fear not.  We can help you navigate these waters and help you practice safely and within the confines of the Laws, Rules and Regulations.

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