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Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)


To help detect over prescribing, and diversion or fraud related to prescription of controlled substances. The Prescription Monitoring Program is a tool for the prescriber and for the pharmacist - it gives a more complete picture of a patient’s pharmacy history with controlled substances and allows healthcare providers to take the best care of patients.

What Prescribers & Pharmacies Must Do

  • Register with the Prescription Monitoring Program.
  • Learn how the program can help you provide safer care to your patients.
  • Use the program each time you prescribe a controlled substance. Best Practices help us all achieve the very best outcome for our patients. Pharmacies report data to the prescription monitoring program often and the information is as up to date as possible.
  • Review the PMP data to see if other prescribers have already given a patient a similar medicine or a medication that might cause a serious adverse drug reaction. If this is the case, consider whether your patients may be over utilizing a medication. (Is the patient’s pain under treated? Is the patient diverting the medication, or has the patient become dependent, pseudo-addicted, or addicted?) These are clinical matters and require your thoughtful analysis. MORE
  • Act responsibly. If you detect a pattern of overuse or over prescribing, help stop it. Pharmacists may refuse to fill a prescription based on a concern of addiction. Physicians may make a diagnosis of addiction and work with the patient to address the addiction.
  • Maintain effective controls against diversion into illegitimate channels.

What Pharmacies Must Report
  • Retail pharmacies must report prescriptions dispensed to patients, including veterinary patients.
  • Institutional pharmacies must report prescriptions dispensed to patients on an outpatient basis.
  • Non-resident pharmacies must report all prescriptions dispensed or sent, mailed, or otherwise delivered to Rhode Island residents, including veterinary patients.

What The DOH Does

The Department contracts with Optimum Technology to operate a secure system of tracking the filling of controlled substances.

The Board of Pharmacy ensures the integrity of the drug supply and upholds standards of pharmaceutical practice.

The Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline enforces standards for physician licensure and ongoing clinical competence. The Board has, and will, take disciplinary actions against physicians who have prescribed opiate medications beyond what is medically appropriate.


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