State Advocacy

Federal Advocacy

Every PA needs to be involved in the promotion and advancement of their profession.  

Every time a bill effecting PAs is introduced in the federal legislature, it can either promote advancement, or hinder the progress of the profession. 

Every PA can get involved in advocacy by contacting their legislators.  This simple, yet effective, effort can go a long way in supporting the entire PA community.

Additionally, consider giving a small donation to the Rhode Island PA Political Action Committee (RIPA-PAC) and the American Academy of PAs Political Action Committee!

Click on the links below to find out about current issues effecting the PA Profession and to contact your federal representatives

The RIAPA Advocacy and Government Affairs Committee monitors the State of Rhode Island General Assembly for Rhode Island bills that may effect PA practice or have an impact on public health policy and actively support or oppose individual bills as indicated. 

Click HERE to see a list of Rhode Island legislators (download)

Click HERE to see a list of Rhode Island Representatives (download)

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