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Rhode Island PA Political Action Committee (RIPA-PAC)

RIPA-PAC serves as the political branch of the RIAPA and promotes the engagement and visibility of PAs in the political process.  Your contributions will go directly to the election campaigns of candidates for state office (governor, senators, representatives) who are receptive to public policy favorable to PA Practice.

The passage of Rhode Island House Bill 5572 and Senate Bill 443 the PA Modernization Act of 2019 was signed into law by Governor Raimondo on 15 July 2019.  This was accomplished with significant effort on the part of the Advocacy and Government Relations Committee of the RIAPA spearheaded by Jim Carney, PA.   Despite this significant accomplishment in modernizing the outdated PA Practice Act, more work is needed to keep Rhode Island leading the efforts to improve PA Practice nationwide.  The PAC helps RIAPA maintain momentum in keeping our legislative efforts as priorities for our legislators!   




Fred Liddle, PA-C


Marc Bialek, MBA

James Carney, PA

Ray Cord, PA-C


Robert Jay Amrien, PA-C

Jennifer Geremia, PA-C

Lisa Ferreira

Christopher Ferreira, PA-C

Mary Furlong, PA-C

Joe Desrosiers II, PA-C

Rick Moffit, PA-C

Karen Sclama, PA-C

Bill Durst, PA-C

Gina Taitano, PA-C

Angelo Carpethos, PA-C

Richard Hernandez PA-C

Thomas Bales, PA-C

Ida Apel, PA-C

Sue Thayer-Kramers,


Lori Cord

Rebecca Ginsburg, PA-C

Helen Nguyen, PA-S


405 Promenade Street, Suite A

Providence, RI 02908

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